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From: Mary Clarke, Editor Emeritus, Dancing Times   15 July 2009

Editor: Mary is one of the dearest of friends of Bush Davies. She is also one of the most esteemed writers and critics on Dance. She told me she can remember the studio at Henrietta Street!

My fondest memories of Bush Davies are of being summoned at a few hours' notice to Romford because Marjorie Davies thought she "had  something to show" and being greeted with a cup of coffee and a brilliant showcase of her students' professional expertise. A good  many hours later I was rewarded with a beautiful little enamel pill  box, which I have treasured ever since as a memento of a happy, unexpected day.
Charters was always a joy over many, many years. Tea  on the Lawn was my first introduction, then years of wonderful  performances of classical ballet and other dance forms and the thrill  of that first grand defilé as all the students made their way to  stupendous music by John down the aisles of the Adeline Genée Theatre  until they filled the stage. I was privileged to sit with Noreen  Bush, whom I loved and respected, and knew the friendship of all the family. I treasure a photograph which Paul gave me of Victor Leopold in his "Jack Buchanan" song and dance West End time and a fan which once belonged to Genée which they gave me. And when I see so many former Bush Davies students now dancing major roles in so many companies, I think always of the schools which nurtured them.  
Mary Clarke 


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