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From Helen Green (daughter of Daphne Peterson) helen.green26@ntlworld.com
(Ed. When putting this site together I had naturally been in constant contact with Daphne, one of my former co-directors. It occurred to me that it would be interesting to get her daughter's memories about what it was like to have such a busy 'mum'.)
As children Amanda, Andy and I grew up surrounded by dancing, it was in our blood! When we were young mum was teaching at The Studio and although she worked long hours she always made sure she had time to spend with us. Also Dad was fantastic and would be there with us after school helping us with our homework!    Amanda and I both went to dancing and I remember feeling very grown up when we had classes in the big studio at the back! (two of my favourite dances were a grade 1 modern dance to Sacha Distel singing "Rain drops keep falling on my head!!!" and "the Bird cage dance" from Grade 1 Ballet, complete with my homemade bird cage which I still have up in the attic!!) There was a lovely atmosphere and I remember watching in awe as the Senior students performed in the end of term show. Mum even taught us for a few lessons but I must admit we weren't among her best behaved pupils!!  
Joyce was a very big part of our lives, to us she was and always will be Auntie Joyce   and really was part of our family. I felt very honoured when we were allowed up in her office! When mum first taught at Charters it was just for one day, then 3 and eventually all week! Of course we missed her but Dad kept the household running and it became part of our normal routine, in fact we found it all rather exciting! The highlight for me was going to see the summer show at Charters, the theatre, the grounds and brilliant choreography made it a magical occasion!
Love from Helen x
Email received from Helen Green, 3 May2009
Subject: The website!
Dear John,

What a fantastic website!! Not only have I learnt a lot about the history of Bush Davies but also had an insight into the wonderful people that were part of it! Reading everyone's past memories brings back many of my own and confirms what a lasting impact Bush-Davies had on everyone. After all your hard work and Lyndall's it must be very rewarding to see it up and running. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop as I'm sure many more people will be wanting to contribute and add their recollections!
Love Helen x

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