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E-mail received from Judith Ingram dated 18 January, 2010  judith@jingram.plus.com
Ed. This interesting piece of information tries to answer the question of when/how the Leopold name was introduced into the family line. I am not sure it is conclusive, though possible. See History>Mr and Mrs H V L Kimm, paragraph 2.
I was very interested to come across your site mentioning H. Val Kimm and the name of Leopold and thought that I should send you this picture that I have of him. I have started to write a book on my own theatre ancestors, Fred and Nell Ingram and on searching for information on some of their fellow actors I came across your post.
I can tell you without doubt where the name of Leopold came from. The story that I grew up with was that my ancestor Fred ran away from home to join a ‘circus'!  I have since discovered that it was not quite like that and in fact the ‘circus' was a troupe of acrobats called The Brothers Leopold. In fact Fred's elder sister Nell, who was already an actress, was instrumental in introducing him to the ‘Brothers'. The Leopolds formed a company of comic actors, which included among others, Fred and the two Trounsell sisters, Lillie and Beatrice; Lillie eventually became Fred's wife. The company seemed to be run by John Leopold from his home, Leopold House in Clapham and in the late 1890's H. Val Kimm was manager for this company.
So I would imagine that because of his close association with the Leopolds, Val Kimm named his son (Victor Leopold Kimm) after them, the ultimate honour I think! (Click here to see photograph with Val Kimm)
If I can be of any further help, please do contact me and I would be pleased to hear if you know anything that might be useful for my story.
With best wishes,
Judith Ingram
Paul Leopold-Kimm replied:

Dear Judith,
How very interesting! It's amazing what pops through the cyber-post occasionally. My only point of concern is when I asked my father if I could legally hyphenate Leopold and Kimm, the answer was yes. This seems to indicate that somewhere - remotely, the name Leopold had got into the Kimm family line.
I must say I'm not too concerned. But in your future researches please keep an eye out for Bertha Kelly, daughter of Henry Kelly (actor).
I think I shall put forward your theory on the web site. Certainly the photograph is welcome. Again thanks for contacting me.
With kind regards,
Paul Leopold-Kimm
Judith then responded:
Dear Paul,
Thank you for your quick reply. I was assuming that the name Leopold was in this case a Christian name, but I see you use it as a hyphenated surname and that does rather shed a whole new light on things!
I am a genealogist by profession, as well as having a personal interest in all this and so I will definitely keep my eyes open for any snippets of information which might crop up.
Out of interest, it was always suggested in my family that Fred Ingram had married into the Leopold family. I now know that he married one of the Trounsell sisters, as mentioned before, but her father was the son of a Johan Bartmann who was born in Hamburg . I have always wondered whether this was where the Leopold connection lay or perhaps the fact that Fred worked with the Leopolds for years and married a member of the company, somehow got muddled over time.
I will let you know anything I find out and please do post my theory; one never knows who might see it and be able to expand on it (or prove it wrong!!)
I expect you are aware that the British Newspapers website is full of notices from The Era mentioning our ancestors, but if not it is worth a look, although at the moment is only good up to 1900.
With very best wishes,



Claire Mackenzie (Day-Girl)

I am searching for (probably) another Claire Mackenzie, a day-girl from about 1971-1975. She lived near me in Crawley Down and her parents often very kindly gave me a lift home to save me the 4 mile trudge. She was my first date on Thursday 8 November 1973 when we went to see Nureyev in "The Sleeping Beauty" at Covent Garden. I last saw her in autumn 1977 when she was working in a clothes shop in East Grinstead. I should dearly like to know how she is and what became of her. If anyone knows, I would greatly appreciate it if they would put us in touch - with her permission of course. Rudi (then Rudolf) Affolter  Rudi@beethoven.fsnet.co.uk   22 November 2009


Subject: Claire Mackenzie


Whilst having a clear out I came across some letters from an old school friend of mine Claire Mackenzie.  Claire left Netherhall School in Cambridge to join Bush Davies in East Grinstead around 1981.  The last letter I received from her is dated June 1983 and I have no idea what happened to her since then.

I came across your website and wondered if anyone knew of Claire and what she may be doing now.  I would dearly like to know how she is.

Please contact me if anyone can help.

Many thanks

Lorraine Ashton (nee Smith)    lorrainerda@hotmail.co.uk 19/11/2009



From Michael Reese: Sent Thursday, November 12, 2009 michael reese

Dear John,

Isn't it remarkable what one stumbles upon when innocently surfing the net in an idle moment! I cannot begin to explain how I ended up finding myself at your site -  but I was fascinated to find it. I quite understand why you comment on page15 (see History>Charters Part One) that the history of the A.G. Theatre is not a subject for comment within the history of the school; but I would take slight issue with you that it is irrelevant. Permit me to introduce myself. I was Technical Director for the theatre from its opening and through the first three seasons, and I would say that, at that time, the connection was far from irrelevant - certainly from our point of view in the theatre. I am fully aware that as things progressed later (after I had left) the relationship, and the status of the theatre went downhill (indeed to the point where I deemed it necessary to remove reference to it from my CV).

I have very clear recollections of those early months, when we placed great reliance on our relationship with the school - perhaps more so with Paul than other directors from the family - but essentially with staff and students. Perhaps slightly fogged by time, I can recall much detail of the Gala Opening, the two joint Royal Ballet/Bush-Davies  productions "Coppelia" and La Fille Mal Gardée" (if my memory serves me right 1967 and 1968). The intense programming of hosting touring dance/ballet companies; Rambert, Western (as it then was), Ballet for All, and the inaugural performances of Robert Cohan/Robin Howard's  Contemporary Dance Group (which went on to become London Contemporary Dance Theatre). Whom I, incidentally, joined soon after leaving East Grinstead and shepherded into "The Place". A diligent search in my attic might yet come up with some of the programmes from those heady days, if the archive is of interest to anyone.

I would be happy, if invited, to write a short appendix for your history, with views and anecdotes from that period, from the theatre's point of view.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Reese (Ed. I have invited Michael to write further on the subject as he proposes)


From: Imogen Tucker dated 18 August, 2009
Imagine Dance Project
Type: Entertainment & Arts - Dance
Description : IDP offers children the chance to express themselves, have fun and make friends whilst learning to dance and explore choreography
Classes are Funky Jazz with a twist of 'Imagine Magic' to help develop the student's skills and imagination
The 'Elite' troupe perform at various charity events in the West End and have also auditioned on ' Britain 's Got Talent'. Some of our girls have gone on to have careers in musical theatre and television
Imogen has danced all her life, training at a top vocational school with over 20 years teaching & performing arts experience and is fully CRB checked
If your child wants to get fit, have fun and learn new skills then please feel free to get in touch
Email : imogentucker@aol.com
Web site www.imaginedanceproject.com
Office: 01342 326983 / 07713 086557
Location : The Ashdown Suite, EG Sports Club, Saint Hill Rd, RH19 4JU East Grinstead , United Kingdom
Imagine Dance Project Launch
Date: Monday, September 7, 2009
Time: 4:00pm - 8:30pm



E-mail from: Alison Wainwright
Subject: Lazzerini Family
(Ed. The website has been producing some very surprising information - not just from students.  Paul was delighted to receive this e-mail which provides him with a cousin, albeit a few times removed. He has now discovered that his mother, Noreen (Bush), along with Travis and his brother William, had another cousin, Pauline, Alison's grandmother, named after her own mother. Aren't these 'trees' fascinating, but complex!)

Hello Mr Harrison

I have just stumbled upon your wonderful site.  You cannot imagine my joy.  My great grandfather was William (Guiliamo) Lazzerini (Pauline Lazzerini's brother) and I have been researching this side of my family for about 2 years.  I have encountered much frustration especially as I have no relatives who can remember or photos to peruse and, as he was divorced from my great grandmother - very little history.  Indeed, I wasnt even sure where in Italy they came from - so to see Florence confirmed that.  Your site has given me so much info together with the history and wonderful photographs and I just wanted to say thank you.

I'd better tell you a little about myself.  My name is Alison Wainwright (formerley Cheshire) and I live in Nottingham with my husband and two children.  My parents are John Cheshire and Margaret Savidge.  My grandmother (on my Father's side) was also named Pauline Lazzerini and was the daughter of William Lazzerini and Alice Freeman.  She was named after William's sister Pauline and I suspect also attended her earlier dance school Fishponds.  After her parents divorce - I believe she had little contact with her Father - hence the lack of info from my Father etc.  It was only about a year ago and through the help of a Genes Reunited contact that I discovered the connection to the dance school so this has been a fascinating insight for me. 

May I say how hard you must have worked to produce such a detailed record and judging by the hits - this will be a tremendous success.  Thanks again and should you have any further info/photos that may help in my own research - I would be most grateful to hear from you.

Kind Regards
Alison Wainwright




E-mail from Jill Grady received 8 August, 2009  grballet@yahoo.co.uk
Romford students. Where is Dawn Wrightson?

I would like to trace Dawn who we know married and moved to the Midlands. She shared a flat in Romford with me and two other students, from 1967-1970. I know she desperately wanted to teach and assume she must be a subscriber still to the ISTD and RAD.

Dawn hails from Gosport, Portsmouth in Hampshire. My name is Jill Grady I reside here in Portsmouth. Do you think you could help me with this query?
Sincerely Jill


From Robert Denne, brother of Anne Denne 15 May, 2009
My name is Robert Denne and my late sister Anne Fox (née Denne) was at East Grinstead ‘Charters Towers' as a student in the early 1950s .
Do you have any contacts that I might get in touch with. I also have a photograph of Noreen Bush, and my late mother, on a ‘Fun Train' at a Fete that was held in the grounds of Charters Towers but no idea what date.
Please get in touch I would love to hear from anyone who knew my late sister “DENNY”
I can be contacted at: 8 Lodge Road Tonbridge Kent TN9 1JA.


Reunion 1986 5th year  students .... Sunday June 28th, 2009, in London. 
 Elizabeth Russell sent the following personal e-mail (hope there will be more) .
The reunion was an absolute joy. I think about 18 were expected but I'm sure there must have been 25 of us. We reminisced and people remembered the most random things! Everybody was still recognisable! Apart from the boys – who had transformed into hairy men! What struck me most of all was how comfortable with themselves everybody seemed to be. Some more serious characters were much more chilled. There was genuine affection flowing throughout the room and squeals of delight as each new person came through the door. It was interesting to hear how people viewed you back then too. There wasn't enough time to say all that needed to be said…and even going to the loos – it became a squash of gabbling girls (so just like old times!). People had come from far and wide. Katrina was as beautiful and mad as ever. We had had brief e-mail contact earlier in the year but seeing each other was terrific and parting – quite emotional. I walked through Covent Garden on my way home and felt very, very blessed, very complete and chuffed to have seen everybody in such good form. Phil didn't make it but we will get together. I know he is meeting up with Tania Matos  and Bekki Allcot soon. Ah we certainly all shared something so special and it was very much celebrated that day.
THANK YOU and Paul,
Liz      Photos click here



Anna Montalto: Click here to see a collection of photographs of a school reunion in 2002 sent in by Bunty Cachia - formerly, Anna Montalto.


Norma Dunbar-Poole: Photographs of a reunion in 2002


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