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From Sophie Corbett Sent via Facebook 26.07.2009
Can anyone provide details of the reunion please?

At lastI have ten mins to write to you. Where do I start? I have two boys and a stepson. Dylan is 12, he is my eldest and is very artistic and funny and Billy is four and a treasure, and my stepson James is ten and a sweetheart. So all in all they rock - I love them so.

I earn my pennies doing voice-overs. Started doing this when Dylan was born, so twelve years now and in between I sing. Occasionally I work with a burlesque artist called Immodesty Blaize which is a total giggle.

I am married to Gordon Grahame, a singer/songwriter, you should check him out on Myspace, his band is called Lucky Jim.

My dearest friends are nearly all from Bush - Holly Aird and I and all our children are off to France this Sunday (lovely, lovely). I see Sophie Pyecroft, Natalie Roles, Lisa Lee and Derek Cullen Jones a lot. They are all well and doing great. All of us have had our ups and downs but we are all totally there for each other, which I love.

We all so loved our days at Bush and all feel blessed that we were lucky enough to have such a great school environment.

Our reunion is at Phillipa Jeffery's house in East Grinstead (Ed. August?). She is trying to organise us to visit Bush to have a walk around, but there seems to be a lot of us going. Should be very funny, haven't seen some of them for 23 years.

Great deal of love and affection

Sophs x


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E-mail from: Amanda Chant received 3 July, 2009    amandacashton@hotmail.com
Dear John and Paul,
Many congratulations on the new Bush Davies website - I'm sure it is what every old Bush girl (oops sorry - and boy!) has wanted for years. It is so interesting to read the story of how it all started.
Like all the people who have been in touch already, my years at Bush were some of the best years of my life and I am still so proud to have been a "Bush Baby" that at the ripe old age of 48, I still harp on about it to anyone who will listen!
Unfortunately, I never became a successful professional dancer, unlike so many of my contemporaries, but I had such fun trying!! I am now an investigator, happily married and living in Spain, complaining about the heat!!
We had a fantastic reunion in 2002, brilliantly organized by Bunty, when we visited the school and the theatre. It was the most amazing day. We found our names etched into the brickwork in 1973, our secret hiding place under the floorboards in Tower and when we stood on the stage in the theatre it felt so much smaller than any of us remembered. In the evening we stayed at a hotel in East Grinstead where we took over the whole dining room and there were so many faces there and all of us recognizable!! We then retired to one of the hotel rooms with a couple of bottles of wine and reminisced until the early hours - just like being back in Leoville!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your part in my wonderful school days, the best times a school girl could ever want.
My memories: Making apple pie beds in Junior dorm, brillo baths, standing on the staircase facing the wall practically every night after lights out in Main house, that feeling of both fear and excitement at the thought of being called into Miss Bush's studio for a class and then the relief and the thought of having a slightly easier time if I wasn't! I also have to mention the numerous times I stood in front of Mr. Kimm's desk having been caught once again doing something I shouldn't and trying desperately to stave off those awful giggles I used to get from nerves. I think that the rest of the memories of what we got up to should probably stay between myself and my accomplices!!!!
Take good care of yourselves and if I'm ever in Cyprus........
Mandie Chant (now Ashton)

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