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E-mail from: Imogen Flanders received 29 June, 2009   imogentucker@aol.com

Having been told after my audition to go away and toughen up for a year then return and try again that is exactly what I did. My mother had been at Bush during the 60's and I had grown up listening to all the stories, including the one where she (Karen Waite) dived into the swimming pool breaking her nose and how after that she snored so loudly the others girls would throw slippers at her to get her to stop!! I was determined to "get in" which I did the next year. But I always knew that I would have to work hard and never take my place for granted as I wasn't naturally gifted.

I loved every waking minute of my time at the school and even to this day I always say I wish I could go back and do it all again. As a new girl in JD I was totally in awe of the experience and the people. Over my 7 years there I made some of the best friends which I am still in contact with. I realised even then how lucky we were to have the best training in the world and I am left with the fondest of memories.
When the school closed I wasn't quite ready to leave so I was lucky enough to have private tuition with both Miss Peterson and Miss Rycroft (yellow shoes still in place!) and I am forever grateful that they got me through my Associates with flying colours.....I had gone from being that weedy little thing that no one thought would cope to actually being quite good at choreography/teaching and I am still doing it today (so is my mum !)
Bush Davies has made me the person I am today and I try and pass those values that I learnt onto my children. I will always consider myself a Bush girl. I even stayed in East Grinstead where I still live today, so often get to go down "the hill" and remember.........

Fondest wishes, Imogen Tucker  (Flanders)  1982-closing

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