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Pauline Innes

Letter received from Pauline Innes (Ward) 3 January, 2010
37 Beaumont Park, Littlehampton, Sussex, BN17 6PF
Ed. Pauline was the daughter of Mrs Innes who did most of the cooking/housekeeping for the students at Felden during the war and the early years at Charters, See: History>Felden Croft >Page 2.
Dear John,
I haven't a computer but have been told you require information. I enclose a photo taken at Felden Croft. Pupils I remember there who are not in the photo are: Anna Woolliams, Mary Pike, Joyce Percy, Audrey Rawlins, Ann Hanslip and Toni Palmer. There was also a girl called Alvera who was a vegetarian and once a week a chauffeur driven limousine would arrive with salads etc to be put in the fridge for her meals. She also owned a horse which we were given rides on.
I have so many happy memories of my years at Felden. I loved the two dogs, Nana owned by Miss Bush and Mr Leopold and Bunty, who had been left by the Sherbrookes for the Kimms to look after. I suppose Colonel S had to go to war. I remember the story of the ghost that walked; some woman, or girl, had thrown herself off the balcony from the bedroom next to Miss Bush and Mr Leopold's bedroom. As far as I can remember this bedroom was never used.
The hayloft was where Mrs McKay used to give us lessons on how to throw our voices! And Paul and I used to practice tap duets up there. When Denise and Jane (Kimm) were jumping around on their beds Denise slipped and broke her nose on the iron bedstead a terrible to-do and poor Miss Bush was so worried what her parents would think. Must say it didn't do her looks much good! Mr Leopold taking me to the Convent for school lessons on his motor-bike. My mother and the Kimms going to The Swan, sometimes coming back happy...... My father coming every weekend to help Mr Leopold with the garden and chickens and, towards the end, ducks and geese. I'm sure I could bore you to death with my many memories but I did love it so much.
I can't help with Cynthia Blowers. I did phone Denise Hudson in Australia but she had no information either. Please say 'Hello' to Paul for me and I hope some of the information is new to you.
Back l-r: Marion ?, Daphne Peterson, Toni Nelson, Gwen Carter, Miss Bush with Pat Burrows behind, Sheila Davison, Sonia McKay, Roberta Legge, Jean Bamber, Diane Taylor. Front l-r: Betty Beckham, Denise Hudson, Pauline Innes with Nana the dog, Pamela Kay, Kath Carter, Toni Swift, Nancy Holder, Maureen ?

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