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Two e-mails from: Christine Quinn received 24 June, 2009
(1) Hi there,

Good luck with the website.

A few weeks ago flying out of Gatwick to Denmark, I was back in the area for the first time in 32 years so I took my son and husband to see Charters. It was closed due to bank holiday, but I remembered the road straight away - forgotten how lefy it was; saw Ted and Muriel's place and the library and nearly cried!

We then went into East Grinstead .......memories of Saturday afternoons came to mind. Woolies still there but closed; the lovely coffee shop at the top no longer there.

I'm in regular contact with a few from my year, and have been in contact with many more over the years, swapping memories, many of which I could not remember or had conveniently forgotten!!?
Happy and sad ones.

I loved Miss Bush's classes, she made you dance from the heart: they were my favourite. Biddy's were great also and I was fond of her. She was good to me.
I remember Miss Percy and saw her in Halifax soon after I left. She was kind, and there was a teacher called Helen who I enjoyed but I can't remember her second name? Wish I could go back to start again and be good!! Especially in geography when I hid in the day girl's toilets because I hadn't done my home-work - with the teacher shouting, "I know you're in there Quinn!!" But I kept quiet. (Ed. I replied to this and, almost before I could refill my glass, another popped through the inbox!)
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(2) Hi John,
Yes I'm in the centre (Ed. Christine confirming my memory of her in the photo she sent. Miss Bush called me the little sparrow. That picture was taken in the Bush studio with Juan Sanchez of the Festival Ballet before we went to Royal Ballet School. Sami (Saidi) eventually went to Birmingham RB and Tracey (Alvey) is now artistic director of Alabama Ballet Company, USA. 

In regular contact wth Angela Roys [every day] and Bunty, Heather Sampson, Dawn Barber and Mo Wilkins.

The most vivid memory I have is trying to get out of going to church - as it was snowing. Putting talc on my face and black pencil under my eyes, I went to see matron to get off!

The queue was long and when it came to me she said, "May the Lord forgive you Christine Quinn, I can see through you like a piece of glass," and put me nil by mouth for 2 days in sick bay. Sami and Tracey came with food left over from dinner, passing it through the window.....ha ha.

I remember the night chalet dorm was trying to be towed away with us all in it by the local yobs! Me, Tracey, Sami, Heather, Laura, Toni, and Jessica. Scarey! But to the rescue were the new tea-boys, Jim and his brother chased them away.

I remember you coming into our dorm and telling me and Sami off for being loud. It was me not Sami! (Ed. Sorry, Sami!)

Mr Leopold was furious one night when we were jumping and shouting on the beds in Allegro with the twins, Laura, Tracey and me. He came in and my goodness not a sound was made after that!

Hope you and Paul are both well, I'll email everyone again.

Best wishes,

Christine Quinn xx

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