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E-mail from: Joanne Turner (Tunariu) received 1 January, 2010

Dear Paul and John!
Many thanks for the wonderful website, I found it by chance today ... January 1st 2010 so that was a great start to the year!

It was really lovely going back in time, to a very remarkable and memorable part of my life! I have so many precious memories from sweat, discipline and blistered toes through to midnight feasts after "lights out" and a line of waiting girls outside Matron's cottage after breakfast on a Sunday morning, all having some sudden ailment and hoping to be excused from church!

But the best and most treasured memories are of the many wonderful teachers and people who formed, coached, praised and inspired me during my time at Bush. Lovely and dedicated people such as Joy Camden, Carole Gable, Jean Nuckey, John Raven, Frank Freeman, Sue Passmore and of course you, Paul and John (I was terrible in music ... I know, but my passion was dancing!) Also the many friendships which were made with other schoolgirls...some of which have lasted to this day.

My maiden name is Turner - everyone called me Jo and I attended BDS from 1976 to 1982. Maybe you remember me? I was Maisie in the "Boyfriend" and Cinderella in "Cinderella".

I moved to Austria in 1982 and danced as first soloist in the Carinthian Theater Ballet Company up until 1997. I was married to a Romanian, also a ballet dancer, who sadly died of cancer in 2006. I now work in the Carinthian Theatre's administration and live with my two sons aged 22 and 19 in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Sending you both my love and best wishes.  Looking forward to seeing more on your pages or hearing from you in the near future.


Joanne Tunariu (Turner)
(Ed. Photos of Jo can be found in History>Performance and Choreography page 9 and Bush Telegraph>Photo Gallery 6)

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