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E-mail from Sandra Woollatt  received 12 July, 2009

Well done Mr. Harrison! What a wonderful website! It has brought back so many wonderful memories for me. Wow, such a long time ago. I am still teaching ballet at a well known school here in Atlanta. I have been teaching for many years, since I stopped dancing myself a thousand years ago.
Ballet is such a huge part of my life.
Did you ever find the old music that I,  Jeanette Barlow-Fryer, Sarah Prince and Helen Grant recorded all those years ago in London? It was from "Figures of Fun." Now that would be a find, for me, anyway! (Ed. Sadly the tape seems to have done a runner- Sorry!)
 All my love to you and to Mr. Kimm as well.

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From: Mo Wilkins (Morgan) received 14 May 2009

Dear John,

It's Mo (Morgan) here (Mo Wilkins whilst at Bush!).  THANK YOU hugely for getting the web-site organised... It's absolutely fantastic and has made me feel quite emotional!  How lucky were we to be at such a wonderful place. Shall fill in a few names from the re-union of 2002 when I've a chance although I'm sure Bunty will have them all.  I think I may have a few photos too so .... (Ed. see Anna Montalto, Bush Telegraph, Announcements). We had such a tremendous evening that night in 2002!  It was exceedingly good fun.  I only contacted Bunty earlier this year to ask when she was organising the next one!!!! How cheeky is that?
I hope this finds you well and healthy.  I'm fine and can you believe it going to an audition tomorrow!!!!  First one in ages but going to see what it's about... A performance piece up here in Edinburgh, (where I'm staying with partner at mo').  Have managed to get back to professional contemporary class after lots of aching and have seriously upped the average age substantially.  Am absolutely loving it though. 
Have also just organised an exhibition of some of my art work for September. That's very exciting!!!!  Need to do lots and have only been dabbling for the last year or so. I'm on a bit of a sabbatical from 'having to earn money' work (so, so lucky, I know!) so am trying to recollect everything I learnt at Goldsmiths after Bush. John, I could continue but shan't.  Can imagine you'll be inundated....

Suffice to say, thank you once again for sorting this web-site out.  I feel you'll never regret it and want you to know how hugely it's appreciated by me and I can imagine thousands more of us 'alumni' - can we be this even though we didn't graduate?  Who cares?  I believe we graduated with more than most 'graduates'!!!
Very bestest wishes for now and fondest memories,

Mo x
ps I shall also be forwarding this to Margarita Cabero, Julia Timmons, Sue Barnet and you never know via Julia - Gilly Mack although apparently Gill refuses to 'internet'?!!  We're trying to organise something for Barcelona later this year.... Yep, Leoville 1, reunion from some time in 1976/7?  Also have Irela Williams but have 'lost' Clare West.

From Audrey Williams (Naman)
My memories of Charters Towers.
In 1946 I was 11 years old and so excited to be going to Bush Davies and being a boarder, I was not alone as another Essex girl Kay Marfleet was also going. We arrived and were shown to our dorm for juniors, a long room with beds and a bunk bed at the end. Matron’s room was the door in the corner, her name was Mrs Bonner and her daughter Valerie was also a student. My room mates were Jane Kimm, Christina Gillespie (Tinker), Cynthia Blowers, Kay Marfleet, Janine Willis (from Egypt), Daphne and Marlene Goodhew and Loretta Young; the rest I can’t remember. l remember Cynthia and Tinker as they would come home with me for half-term.  Cynthia was from Nairobi and Tinker’s parents were in America. Tinker’s mother would send us Hershy chocolates from America, what a treat that was, Sundays we would walk in a crocodile to the village to church and of course to the sweet shop, lemonade powder was a must for our midnight feasts. Our tuck parcels were worth waiting for as the food wasn’t very good, Mrs Staples did her best with the rationing still on. I stayed there for three years and then went up to Romford, my happiest memories of my childhood! l was chosen by Marjorie Davies to go into my first pantomime in Chester, and when you’ve tasted the greasepaint (Leichner nos 5 &7) you don’t want to go back to school! l toured all the old Moss Empire Theatres in revues and pantomimes then went abroad in an American water show (18 American swimmers and18 British dancers).  When you announced you were from Bush Davies you didn’t even have to audition!  What a wonderful time!!

From Audrey Williams. 
Here are 4 photos of the school in 1945.
Here is photo of Cynthia Blowers in a tutu and
Again outside my house.
Christina (Tinker) outside my house.
A school room including named pupils!
Cynthia on the beach.

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