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Jennifer Scott-Malden, Nigel Garton and Michelle Roles in Cowardy Custard

In 1987 Alfreda Thorogood invited the professional choreographer, Geoffrey Cauley to create a work, Révérence, in tribute to Adeline Genée for the theatre's 20th anniversary. Here again we had an artist in the classical tradition and he was welcomed back the following year for, as it happened, the final production by Bush Davies, to create a compressed version of Romeo and Juliet to the Tchaikovsky score. This was a great success. Another notable achievement from the 1987 show was a version of The Rite of Spring by Linda Crockett. As we noted in the programme this work by Igor Stravinsky was Class in Noreen Bush Centrefirst produced in 1913 and, "Remains today one of the great musical challenges to any choreographer and dancers. It is a fitting tribute to the work and training of Bush Davies School that it could even be attempted." It did not prove to be an over-ambitious flop as it had done in 1913! 

Earlier, Mary Clarke alluded to the students' choreographic work particularly for her own magazine's award, The Dancing Times Cup. These competitions normally occurred during the Spring in, 'Bush Davies At Home'***, and were open to parents and friends. These events also included the Noreen Bush Award for Classical Ballet (Girls) and the Marjorie Davies Award for Classical Ballet (Boys) and usually allowed for a demonstration of Pas de Deux presented by John Raven. Junior and Middle school students also had a similar opportunity, in a studio setting, competing for the Pamela Wray Award. These special days were keenly anticipated with great excitement; Oh, the thrills and disappointments! But they did allow one the opportunity to view rising talent which, very often, was in abundance. Who, at the time, can forget Pamela Wray? She exhibited a rare choreographic flair which was used over and over in school shows until her tragic death, from leukaemia, soon after Counter-Pointe in 1979.
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