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A similar situation arose many years later with Jane's own daughter Kim, who received almost all her education and training at Charters during the 1960s and 70s, and, at times, in her grandmother's ballet classes. Correspondence from1946, when she had been trained, from Fellowes Road through Felden and now at Charters, shows how much Jane was admired and loved, not least by her parents, Mr and Mrs Kimm.

From Noreen to Paul: "My Own Darling Paul,
Daddy rang up 'Heath Brow' (Paul's first boarding school during the war years) the other Paul in costumenight to enquire how you were and Matron said you were up feeling much better, I am so pleased darling. I expect by now you have received a letter telling you that Jane passed her exam with honours! You can imagine how thrilled Daddy and I were, what a little woman she is, isn't she? It just shows what she can do when she really puts her mind to it. I think you both are made of the stuff to do well, it's just a matter of concentration. Whatever you have gone in for Paul, up until now you have been successful, and I am beginning to think that my children are not too bad!! I am so anxious that both of you shall have the best out of life, and to get the best you must put in an awful lot.....I am wishing the days away, it seems ages since I saw you, it was only last weekend. Daddy and I are always thinking about you, and Jane too, did you receive her comics?? I love you very dearly, God bless you, Yours, Mummy."

From Jane to Paul: "Dearest Pauly Darling,
I hope you are nearly better. I passed my exam with 87 honours. When mummy showed me my report I nearly fell down backwards. I didn't think I would get 0, Ha! Ha!. Please try and 'Auntie' Florawrite soon I hope you got my last letter. All my love and kisses. Your naughty sister."

From Noreen to Paul: "My Dearest Paul,
in the train! I do hope you will forgive mummy for not writing so much as usual, it's because I am always in a train going somewhere, but I hope to 'stay put' by the end of this week. I am going to a meeting of the Production Club and then to the 'Vic Wells' school to give two classes. Are you training for sports day? I do hope you do well darling............I hear little Jane writes to you frequently, she said yesterday, she was pleased after all that she had a brother and not a sister. So you should feel flattered, write to her darling, she thinks an awful lot about you. Also if you have time (if not make it!) write to Auntie Flora and Joan. God bless you dearest, Your very loving, Mummy and Daddy.

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