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Today, no one knows why Noreen and Victor initiated a formal union with Marjorie. Obviously, a very close and mutually respectful working relationship had developed and over the ensuing years they became close friends. We can only speculate that Marjorie, with her special teaching talent and creative flair in the modern dance field, could only compliment their own efforts. Also, Marjorie would have ambitions for her own small school in Romford. So, on 5 August 1939, a deed of incorporation was signed between Noreen Mary Kimm and Marjorie Vivien Clarisse Davies, with Victor Kimm as Witness, creating the 'Noreen Bush and Marjorie Davies Schools Limited', better known as Bush Davies.

Maybe Noreen, ever the pragmatist, simply realised that, 'A bird in hand' was 'worth two in the Bush'!


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