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Throughout all this Noreen found time to commute to 'Fishponds', the Nottingham school, to assist her mother when possible.

Kathleen Danetree wrote to Noreen in 1974, "My weekend visits to Nottingham stand out Girls at Fishpoind vividly clear. Days of hard work with you and dear Mrs Bush. You were both perfectionists. The instruction we received was both detailed and inspiring, rigorous but never depressing. And at night, round a glowing fire, we relaxed, exchanged ideas, dreamed dreams, and the subject was always the same - 'ballet present and future' - in all its ramifications." Kathleen Danetree later opened her own school in Birmingham (see Mary Pike at 'Felden') before emigrating to Australia and becoming Principal of the Scully-Borovansky School, Noreen in SkegnessSydney.

During a visit to Skegness, perhaps a rare relaxing weekend with her mother, Noreen watched a Concert Party on the pier featuring Victor Leopold. She is known to have remarked, "I would like to meet that man, maybe, marry him!" They did meet, of course, and courtship followed. He was invited to teach tap dancing at the school where he made quite an impression.

Sadly, Pauline died in 1929 and Noreen, with her growing commitments in London, found it impossible to carry on with 'Fishponds'. The time had now arrived to think towards opening her own school 'down south'. First though, a wedding needed to be organised. This took place in Nottingham on 1 July, 1930. Shortly afterwards, Kathleen Gordon who was administrative director at the Operatic Association in London recalled Noreen saying, "Well dears, I've done it and you must be the first to know. I've married an acrobat. You'll like him - he makes me keep to time!"


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