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Boys in the garden at Fishponds


Travis Kemp made a life-long career in dance. He performed widely with the Embassy Ballet Company which he had founded with his ballerina wife, Molly Lake. She had also been a member of the Pavlova and Markova-DolinFishponds Companies. Molly had taught Variation classes at Charters, Bush Davies, in the early '50s. Soon after, she and Travis were sent to direct the Turkish School of Ballet by Ninette de Valois, a school she had founded in 1946. They were to stay in Turkey for about twenty years. On returning to England Travis enquired after a position at Charters but, being 'family', did not carry weight with Noreen: he went instead to administer the London School of Contemporary Dance until his retirement. He also attempted to resurrect The All-England 'Sunshine' Dance Competitions.


Noreen in Pierrot costume Noreen Bush in dégagé position


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