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Sadly, little detail is known about his early training and performing and, if passed on to others, memory has failed; it is over a century since that first pantomime.

However, in assembling this brief historical account, we have discovered enlightening material, even to his son Paul. In his later years particularly, many would have found Victor an unassuming and modest gentleman Victor admiring his cartoonwith unstinting dedication and support for his wife and their school. He was not concerned with 'talking himself up'. Following his trial for television he was regularly asked to appear in further test transmissions until 1935 at least, usually late in the evening (when the public may have retired!) We quote three listings, simply because they are amusing in this day of high technology - only some seventy-five years on.

First: 'LONDON NATIONAL 11-11.30- Television transmission the Baird process (vision): Florence Oldham (songs): Kit Keen (entertainer): Victor Leopold (specialist in tap dancing): Louise Maxim (juggling and hand dancing). (Sound on 391.1m)'.

Second: "11-11-45 (low definition): Doris Hare: Jack Hodges: Billie Reid: John Hendrick: Marion Wilson: Victor Leopold and Sydney Jerome. (Sound on 296.2m)'.

Third: '..(vision): Queenie Leonard and Edward Cooper (original song); Jeanne de Casalis (in a Mrs. Feathers episode, Mrs. Feathers on the Telephone); Victor Leopold (tap dancer). (Sound on 398.9m)'.

And finally, from July 23rd, 1925, some eight years earlier, for radio only: 'NOTTINGHAM - (326 metres). 8 : - Mr. Fred Clements's Entertainers in a Carnival Night, relayed from Arcadia, Skegness ....Mr. Rob Currie, Mr. Jimmie Loft, Mr. George Baines, Mr. Ted Cartwright, Mr. Charles Havard, and Mr. Victor Leopold, Humorous Sextet, 'What we do in the Winter': ...Miss Mabel Hind, Mr. Jimmy Loft, Mr. Victor Leopold, and Mr. Ted Cartwright, Humorous Skit, 'Hunting': .. Mr. Victor Leopold, 'Lazy' (Berlin ): Humorous Interlude, 'Old days and the New Days' (Weston and Lee).....'

We have included these extracts simply for those who may recall 'twiddling knobs' on crystal sets and 'homing-in' to early rare television broadcasts - nostalgia.

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