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charters part one
1945-1969 page 15

John Gilpin, Anton Dolin, Dame Adeline and Victor Leopold

We have no intention of writing about the theatre in this history. It had, from its inception, a difficult and convoluted journey, largely irrelevant to this story, until the school effectively took over complete control in 1980. We shall discuss that part later in Performance and Choreography. Suffice it to say, the theatre opened, in the presence of HRH Dame Margot with Dame Adeline The Princess Margaret with her husband Lord Snowden, in January, 1967, in a blaze of mixed publicity (many locally considered it to be a 'white elephant') with a Gala performance with many members of the Royal Ballet Company, including Margot Fonteyn, accompanied by the Royal Opera House Orchestra. Dame Adeline Genée, aged 89, was present to receive the dedication. We publish here Dame Adeline's letter of appreciation to Noreen dated the day after this performance. Her handwriting is barely legible so we have provided an accompanying typescript. ***

During the '60s we also saw the introduction of contemporary dance from Patricia Cannon (Whittock to be) and Clover Roope. In addition differing jazz styles were creeping in. More about this in a later chapter.

*** Read: Bush Telegraph>Miscellaneous>Michael Reese

Adeline Genée: painting

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