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One further letter to Paul, written by Marjorie, illustrates the true affection that 'the extended family' held for one another. "September 30th, 1946. My darling Paul, Just a few lines from Auntie Taffy and myself. We expect you can use the enclosed!!! (cash). By now we are all hoping that you have settled down at Ardingly and you are finding everything good Marjorie and Taffyfun. We think about you a great deal, and we are looking forward to seeing you - and hearing from you in the Choir! I expect it is the only time you look good - Do you feel it? Auntie Taffy misses you keeping her company in the bedroom while we are all working - and even more so her 'little mate' at the pictures - ices, chocolates, cigarettes!!! Everyone has gone to bed but I was thinking about you so thought I would write while the iron was hot! Jane has had a cold but is better now - and Nana (dog) has a puppy. We are all longing to see you and hear all the news. Thank you for your wee note. Have you enough stamps? Good night Paul - God Bless You - and keep you safely. With all our love and kisses. Auntie T and Auntie M."

The reference to 'ices' here is corroborated by Julia Cutbush. Paul recalls, "Before the film began Taffy would buy six choc-ices and line them up on the ledge in front - we were always in the front row of the Circle. By the interval they were all gone - before they melted, of course! Then I was sent downstairs to replenish. Happy days." Julia tells us, "Auntie Taffy was famed for telling us she always ate 8 choc-ices on her weekly visit to the Radio City cinema in East Grinstead."



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