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charters part one
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The music is thought to have been a march by Joseph Haydn, arranged for piano. Le Grand Défilé had been inspired by a similar spectacle Noreen saw at the Paris Opèra Ballet School. The new music of 1970 was exuberantly promoted by Paul while his mother sat in on theatre rehearsals rather bemused, "How on earth can they walk to that!" It befell Joy Camden, who enjoyed contemporary music, to wield the stick and she managed somehow to pull the performance together in her inimitable manner - her decibels rising above the music on this, and many future occasions. The new 'défilé ' was to become an eagerly anticipated prelude to almost all school performances for the next eighteen years, although, it must be said, the music was not enjoyed by all - there is always a minority of traditional dissenters whatever the innovation. 


Also, in 1968, Marjorie died. Noreen and Victor wrote, "No words can express our sorrow in losing Marjorie, after an association - as pupil, assistant, partner and friend - of 37 years. We shall remember her not only as a director of Bush Davies Schools but also as a warm and beautiful person with whom we shared so many happy holidays. We shall do all we can to help in the continuation of her splendid work." Marjorie of course had left Romford in the most capable of hands with Joyce and Daphne who were appointed directors of the company in 1970.

Fortunately for Noreen and Victor, they also had a new broom to help to sweep away the complexities they were facing at Charters.

Noreen, Victor and Marjorie on holiday


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