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charters part two

Many references have been made to Paul through these pages, deservedly so. He had been a devoted, admiring and constant son to his parents' endeavours. In particular he had a Photograph of Paul Kimmsymbiotic relationship, indeed friendship, with his mother and in her shadow had been encouraging and supportive: demonstrative yet critical in both difficult and good times. He had been appointed a director of the company in 1962. He had comprehensive experience of business through a very successful twenty-year career in advertising, rising to be a director of a large international conglomerate in London. So, at thirty-eight years of age, he was uniquely well-placed, when the school was beginning 'to creak a little' in the late '60s, to step in to reshape and guide the school through its most significant period.

Noreen adored having her son working in 'the firm' though she was often quick to point out the many pitfalls he would encounter along the way. Victor came round a little more slowly but in a no less appreciative way. Though Paul had inherited his mother's intuitive pragmatic trait, his almost quixotic, yet inspirational and energetic character did prove aPaul and Noreen in the garden little difficult at times for his parents to keep up with; this was not exclusive to his parents either as can be attested by many members of staff. Nevertheless they provided wholehearted support when it was needed. The vision and enhanced opportunities that Paul provided at Charters over these last two decades helped to forge the careers of several thousand students and teachers. Those years will never be forgotten.


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