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The Director of Education of West Sussex County Council, Roy Potter, wrote in 1984, "The essence of comprehensive education is not for me that all children are equal and must be treated alike. Children, like adults, are manifestly unequal. Children are all of equal importance however; they must all, therefore, be given equal opportunity to develop their talents. There are a few pupils who possess such distinctive creative talents, and are inspired with such dedication to develop them, that for many of these can often be great advantage in providing a specialist environment in which their talents can be brought tPaul and John in Noreen Bush Centre officeo full fruition...What I can say, is that Bush Davies School is as warmly regarded in educational circles as it is in the world of dance. I am happy to have the opportunity of continuing close collaboration with the school in its special and complimentary role."

To him we owe a burden of gratitude for his influence in helping to persuade local education authorities throughout the country to support students at Bush Davies, and indeed, other such institutions.

An immediate effect of the growth and improvement of the academic department was a sNoreen with some of her grandchildrenurge in applications for places. This was not surprising, but other components of Paul's plans were still on the drawing-board and urgent moves were called for to manage a wholesale expansion. The areas involved were catering, accommodation, welfare staff and medical arrangements to include physiotherapy, and parallel expansion of all vocational departments - especially dance. Oh, "And don't we all know, boys do not mix well with girls!" At the time, even well-recognised public schools were making arrangements to admit members of the opposite sex. So, boys were in the plan! How Noreen would have loved this part of the venture as, earlier on, she and Victor just could not see through the daunting practical considerations. Romford, of course, had always been able to cater for boys as older students on a non-boarding basis.

The nominal roll in 1970 included some 180 entries; in 1988 it had risen to 330. How familiar everyone must have been in the mid-50s with only 85!

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