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charters part two
1970-1989 PAGE 8

Victor was stoical yet quietly distraught. At the age of 79 years he now had to face a lonely future. Paul was not quite so stoical but managed to find renewed energy and special purpose in continuing to build up the school; he also found solace in helping to make his Opening of the Noreen Bush Centrefather's life comfortable until Victor finally succumbed to increasing ill-health six years later, in 1983.

The crowning achievement for Paul was in 1984 with the opening of the Noreen Bush Centre. John remembers Paul's fearful anxiety in making the decision to go ahead with the plan. "Shall we do it, or not?" he asked. Of course it had to be done; for the students, himself and in memory of his mother; and what better fitting memorial for the school as a whole. This  increased the total of dance teaching spaces to eleven; in 1969 there  had only been the hall with an adjacent room in the house, both with unsuitable floor surfaces  for dancing, and a studio below the juniors' dormitory which had not been built until seven years after the move to Charters.

Artist's impression of the NOreen Bush Centre

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